PSA: 360 Indie Game Program (XBLIG) to be “Delisted” on September 29th, 2017

While I wouldn’t call this a Backwards Compatible thing (though the argument can be made that a good handful of these should be made backwards compatible), I certainly think its worthwhile to spend a post talking about these.

Here is the post from TrueAchievements:

Basically, after the day is done on September 28th, we will no longer be able to buy a 360 indie game.  Whatever money was made will be distributed to the developers and that’s that.  Here is a list of all current Xbox 360 Indie Games to date, a whopping 3,404 games.

You can also look at these through the Xbox 360 console under Indie Games which might or might not be easier depending on how you are.  If you just want a quick leaderboard list, then hit this link for a top 40 and assorted discussion.

It also looks like some of these will make the jump with various platforms such as Monogame to facilitate this process.  Also, from looking at many of the games last night, I can tell you there are several of these that have already made the jump with hopefully more to come.  I will also take to heart, Microsoft’s statement that says they will conserve much of this content as they should.

However, there is some very valid reasoning to argue that if you want a few of these games and don’t want to rely on conservation efforts, get them now or at least in the next two weeks.  Remember, any purchased games will always be in your digital history to download in the future.  After the -more-, I will list some of my personal choices.  Links are also added along with the US price.  Feel free to comment on your own personal choices or to provide further information on this effort. Enjoy.

List of personal choices:

Title Cost
Aphelion $2.99
Aphelion 2 $2.99
ArcadeCraft $2.99
Bonded Realities $1.00
Breath of Death VII $1.00
Cthulhu Saves the World $1.00
DLC Quest $1.00
DLC Quest: Live Freemium or Die $1.00
Doom & Destiny $4.99
EvilQuest $1.00
Hartacon Tactics $0.99
Johnny Carnage $1.00
Magicians & Looters $2.99
Penny Arcade’s Rain-Slick 3 $2.99
Penny Arcade’s Rain-Slick 4 $4.99
Shipwreck $2.99
Unholy Heights $2.99
Wizorb $1.00


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