Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3, and a whole bunch of Cabela games added to Backwards Compatiblity!!!!

I would list out all of the Cabela games in the title, but it would become darn repetitive.  Anyway, it is six games, and more importantly Dead Space 2 and 3.  Which means all of Dead Space is now BC.  Great stuff and I guess hunting fans should also rejoice though I’m certainly not one of them.  I do think this sets a record though and that’s the # of disc games to go BC in one day.  Since all of these are disc (and most are digital) games, that would be 6 and I’m pretty sure we have not done that yet.  Anyway, enjoy.

Cabela Tweet

Dead Space 2/3 Tweet


Games (all available on disc and at cheaper prices)


Timeshift, Assault Heroes 2, and Commanders: Attack of the Genos added to Backwards Compatibility!!!

Not a bad announcement, not a bad announcement at all.  One retail game and a couple of $4.99 XBLA games.  Timeshift, you probably have passed on the retail shelf a time or two (I know I have) and just wondered if it was any good or not.  The other two, I’m not that familiar with but I am aware a lot of people really liked Assault Heroes 2 (but oddly the original is not BC).  But since Assault Heroes 2 and Commanders are both so cheap, I might give one of them a chance.  Enjoy.


BC Deals with Gold for the Week of April 25th, 2017

Welp, another week…last week was pretty tough for me in the sense my kid was quite sick.  So I spent a lot of time taking care of him and while we did watch a lot of television, it wasn’t as if I could just play video games.  I got some Burnout Paradise and Grim Legends time in, but not that much honestly.  Anyway, on to the sales which aren’t bad, but I might sit this one out.  I want Dex for the X1 but 25% off is not going to get me to the dance.  40% or more would have probably hooked me.  On the 360, the only actual BC game is Faery which has been on sale before.  I am looking into Final Exam and Orc Attack to see if they are worth the $2.49 and $3.29 respectively.  Final Exam looks a little more interesting and is put out by Focus who have had many of their games BC’ed.  Hopefully, we’ll get a few announcements this week, see you folks later.


Games with Gold for May 2017

Welp, this is what happens when they make announcements on a Friday and I have a sick toddler at home.  I plum forget and it had nothing to do with Grim Legends, I swear.  No really.  Anyway, here is the link. This is Star Wars month (incidentally my son was born on Star Wars day at Star Wars time (yes 5:04pm on 5/4)), so it’s fitting we get a couple of Star Wars game on the 360.  Unleashed II didn’t quite live up to the original (but was a good game supposedly) and then you have arguably the best Lego game ever.  Personally, I like the Lego Lord of the Rings game and then the two Harry Potter games best, but it’s a pretty darn good game as far as Lego games go.  On the X1 side, I’m really glad I did not buy Giana Sisters for 360 when I can play the DC for free.  That’s it until probably tomorrow, enjoy the freebies.


Games with Gold for May 2017

Xbox One

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut (May 1st – May 31st)

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (May 16th – June 15th)


Xbox 360 (BC on the X1)

Star Wars: Force Unleashed II (May 1st – May 15th)

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (May 16th – May 31st)

3D Ultra MiniGolf, Contra, Gin Rummy, Golf: Tee It Up, and RoboBlitz added to Backwards Compatibility!!!!!

I like the volume today, certainly didn’t expect 5 more games to be added to the bunch.  But glad they are there. I honestly only own Contra, and for knowledge sake it is also available physically on Konami Classics Volume 2.  All of these games are only $4.99…so if you are curious, it won’t cost you much to try these.  Anyway, here are the tweets and links…enjoy!

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

3D Ultra MiniGolf  $4.99
Contra $4.99 (also on compilation disc)
Gin Rummy $4.99
Golf: Tee It Up! $4.99
Robo Blitz $4.99


BC Deals for the Week of April 18th, 2017

Welp, last week was kinda slow in the game playing world since it was Easter and that means I had to shuffle off to the extended family while my games sat at home.  I did however start Grim Legends: Forsaken Bride.  Yes, one of those silly point and click games.  No real trouble so far, just have to put my thinking cap on.  I do like the fact that its pick up and play which I almost have to have these days with the kiddo in toddler stage and mama in the crazy stage (which isn’t a stage really). Just kidding, I love her deeply, put the rolling pin down.  This week is pretty interesting, we have both Darksiders II and Stuntman Ignition having mega sales including the Season Pass.  That’s the only actual BC in the bunch but both are worthwhile pickups, especially Darksiders II.  Divinity II is one that I’ve wanted to go BC, I have it on disc, and if you don’t $7.49 is worth your while.  Good sales, I’ll probably pick up the Darksiders II and its season pass along with Vertical Drop Heroes HD for the X1.  Have a good week (hopefully Divinity II gives a Tekken Tag moment).


Call of Duty Black Ops II Added to Backwards Compatibility *sigh*

Well, all of the whiney beeotches can stop complaining now.  Personally, I think April 1st would have been a better release date, but what do I know.  That’s now five Call of Duty games playable on BC.  My only issue with this release is that despite the obvious hate I have for Call of Duty, it did bring visibility to the BC program.  Now it’s released and even though we have plenty of games left, popularity and awareness is going to go down considerably.  But you guys got what you wanted, I just hope you realize the consequences.  Enjoy.

BC Deals for the Week of April 11th, 2017 (& Spring Sale too!)

This past week, I’ve been playing strictly Burnout Paradise.  I’m up to a B license and knocking out achievements when I can.  It’s a slow climb, but I’m enjoying the game.  However, yesterday I went out and bought Diablo III for Xbox One ($19.99 at Gamestop).  Now if you are following this regularly, you are saying to yourself…wait you played Diablo III for Xbox 360 to death.  Are you crazy?  Well kinda, I suppose…but it was so darn enticing.  I installed it last night and the characters imported right over.  All 6 of my level 70’s staring at me, even Sexy Rexxie…my metro looking Barbarian.  I guess I also did it because I know DLC is the form of the Necromancer class.  Even if the DLC is $10, it’s completely worth it.  I apologize to my wonderful wife in advance, at least its not Gems of War.

Anyway, enough about that…we have a sale kids!  There is a ton to be happy about here.  It’s just a matter of what you are looking for.  We have Xbox One, we have 360, we have Backwards compatible (what we care about), we have DLC, it’s a lot.  From the Xbox One side, I might go with the Artifrex Mundi Essential Bundle, I’ve been wanting to try those.  And $10 for 3 games…well that’s pretty worthwhile.  I also am thinking about Necropolis, it’s from a develop I respect very much, Harebrained Schemes.  But it’s described as a rogue like Dark Souls.  Rogue like?  Awesome!  Dark Souls?  Not so much.  I dread those words.  There are a lot of great Lego sales too which would be fine if I didn’t have Lego Hobbit, Pirates of Caribbean, or Lego Batman 3 to play.  So I’ll pass on that.  On the 360 side, the Borderlands 2 season pass is darn tempting (since most of us have it digitally now thanks to GWG) and Blue Dragon at $7.99 is quite worth leaving my 360 disc copy alone and not have to deal with multiple discs.  So hit the -More- for all of the sales, and take some time to figure out what you are going to get.  Enjoy.

10:00am Edit: I will note that the Borderlands 2 Season Pass does not include the Mechromancer or Psycho playable classes…those are still $9.99 each.  LIKE THAT MAKES SENSE.  I guess I will stick with the Handsome collection on X1 for those two classes.  Anyway, just FYI. 

12:00pm Edit: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 added to Backwards Compatibility.  It’s a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 special, but with the pricing ($19.99 and $29.99) feels a bit hollow. 

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Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution & Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet added to Backwards Compatibility!!

WHOOP, WHOOP…we have a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Special!  Yes, that’s right fans…Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution is on sale and goes on BC in the same week…heck same day.  That’s how it is done folks.  I admit, I’m even thinking of buying it now if I actually had hours to spend to play it.  I dunno, but I sure the heck appreciate the effort.  ITSP is supposedly pretty darn good too.  This is shaping up to a be a good week and I will update the sales page in a little bit.  Enjoy.

BC Deals for the Week of April 4th, 2017

Welp, for the past week when I can steal a few minutes away I am playing Burnout Paradise.  It’s much easier to get into versus Revenge but I deeply miss the crash mode.  And Showtime is such a poor replacement it isn’t even funny.  I almost got the Showtime 10X achievement as well, missed it by one darn bus.  But literally all you do is flip on cars and hope you crash into them before you run out of juice.  Crash, there was strategy…which car do I use, what point do I hit which car, don’t forget CrashBreaker and chain of events after that.  That’s my main gripe with Paradise, everything else is pretty well done.  I will be happy when and if Revenge goes BC as well.

Anyway, we got a bunch of 360 sales this week, but sadly two actual BC games. I will say though there are many tempting sales this week if you don’t already have them.  ArcaniA, Black Knight Sword, Destroy All Humans, Giana Sisters, etc.  Heck, if you are a Civilization guy that’s a good price on Civilization.  I swear, we are going to get a Worms BC announcement any day now.  For me…I’ll probably pick up ArcaniA (even with the unobtainable and glitched achievements); I’ll have to look into some of the others and see if they are my speed.  Much to enjoy this week, let’s hope some of it becomes BC by the week’s end.  Take care.

12:00PM Edit: Because Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution was made BC, we now have this following sale as well: