BC Deals with Gold for the week of February 21st, 2017

Welp another week and we have more deals.  This past week, I mostly played Lego Batman.  I’m pretty sure I mentioned a while back that I had one silly glitched achievement that I was trying to rectify.  Yes, the citizens/hostages achievement.  Well, I can safely say I’m pretty close to being done (as long as it doesn’t glitch again) and have only 7 hostages left. (I had to replay from start)  I’ve been very careful to only play it by myself this time, and hopefully it works.  Anyway, a smattering of BC stuff this week, headlined by Blue Dragon and Double Dragon Neon.  Either one is well worth the xbox spacebucks.  I really hope we get a few announcements this week, these past few have been relatively quiet.  Enjoy.

Hitman: Absolution added to Backwards Compatibility!

When I think of BC games to bring out for Valentine’s Day, I think of Rumble Roses and Bayonetta.  Just kidding…I think of Hitman: Absolution of course.  After all, you do get to dress up and surprise your next target with a shot of…ammo directly to the chest or face.  It’s so touching, really.  Anyway, as per usual, try to avoid the digital copies and stick with a physical copy which can be had very cheaply.  Enjoy your valentine’s day.

BC Deals with Gold for the week of February 14th, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day from the BC Host with the most.  We have some pretty decent sales this week.  I’m still in a funk playing wise because I don’t really want to grind Plants vs Zombies 2 GW nor PacMan-256 so I play them in 15 minute spots and then go to something else.  I did even fire up Ziggurat and forgot how much I loved that game despite never actually beating it.  That last patch they did added some new things I hadn’t seen before too which is both wonderful and horrible at the same time.  Anyway, this week the Pinball FX2 sales are a rare occurrence and I was sure to go ahead and pick up the Aliens vs and the Women of Power packs.  (I already had the Balls of Glory pack)  The two Castlevania titles are certainly worth a look despite not being BC titles (though I think both eventually will be).  But that’s it, lots of good stuff and enjoy your week.

Pinball FX2 Sales (remember to buy it on Xbox 360 and then enjoy the free upgrade to Xbox One if you want to play them on both systems.):

Grand Theft Auto IV added to Backwards Compatibility!!!

Quality sir, quality.  Even if I had not blown off GTA after San Andreas, this is still a big announcement.  Mostly because they made things a little too realistic in terms of the police, but meh this is still huge.  I actually own the game on one disc and then have the dlc pack on a second separate disc.  I’m really curious to see how that’s handled for the install.  That’s also how I recommend you buy it (or if you can find the complete edition) because digital prices will set you back $50 total (which is ridiculous).  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Lego Indiana Jones added to Backwards Compatibility!!

Welp, it’s not always about quantity but quality.  The announcement today is but one title, but it is a good one.  Good in the sense that it is a licensed title and one that I wanted to get back into sometime down the road (I abandoned it a long time ago when I got a big dose of Lego burnout from playing Lego Batman, then the Potter games and then going back and trying this one).  I also believe (and somebody feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), but this was the only Lego title where you could create a level.  Not that anybody is still sharing levels or anything, but it’s interesting nevertheless.  Enjoy.


BC Deals with Gold for the week of February 7th, 2017

Well, I have to admit I did not start a new game last week as I planned. I played a combination of Plants vs Zombies GW 2 and PacMan 256. No, the second one is not a misprint. The sad part is I’ll probably 100% that game sometime in the next month or so. PvsZ GW2, I’m mostly working on epic quests (only need one more), promoting a character 5 times (only need one more promotion too), and those ungodly 5,000 plants/zombies vanquish achievements (don’t even ask me how many I got to go). After that, I have little to no interest to pursue it further.

Anyway, here are the sales for this week. BC Wise, it’s only Castlevania SOTY and Call of Duty: Black Ops. However, I will say there are some darn good hopefuls on this list though. Particularly, Asura’s Wrath which is some of the most stupid fun you can have. I will need to check if I still have a copy of it somewhere because $5 is darn tempting. Anyway, enjoy your week…hopefully I have a couple of announcements of new BC stuff later.

8:30am Edit: Seems that the Major left off a few things this week.  I usually check Store Parser Monday night just to get an idea of how much work I have to do on Tuesday.  Then I use the official notice on Tuesday because it’s a lot easier to use than Store Parser and they almost always contain the same information.  Almost always.  Not today, that’s for darn sure.  Most important in this list is the Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds stuff.  That is not because it is on sale (it does hit the sales every so often), but because there is a new DLC pack coming soon to introduce the Frau character.  My guess is that it will be $5 and will actually have 500 achievements points as well.  But it hasn’t dropped yet.  I’m hoping that it will be this week, but we’ll see.  There are other 360 non BC sales (Risen, Saints Row, etc) on Store Parser as well, so feel to check those out.  Enjoy.

JUJU, Mad Tracks and Stuntman: Ignition added to Backwards Compatibility!?*

If I could put WTF on the end of these BC releases, I probably would.  I’m still not sure what fascination Microsoft constantly has with racing releases but we get 2 more today to BC.  I’m sure Stuntman is in the pipeline for a GWG release, I’m half joking.  JUJU does appear to be a nice looking platformer and one of those rare arcade games with 1,000 gamerpoints.   But overall, this is a very meh group.  It is three more releases and I’m happy about that, but that’s about it.

BC Deals with Gold for the Week of January 31st, 2017

So, I finally conquered Gems with War last week.  Level 100, all title update achievements, etc.  Hopefully, that’s the end of it for at least a little while.  I could do without a match 3 battle game for some time.  Watch Marvel Puzzle Quest go on sale next week.  The only thing I’m really actively playing right now is Plants vs Zombies GW 2.  I am going through some of the epic quests I have stored up but I’m not sure how long I’ll last.  I played it for about an hour yesterday and was getting bored quickly, 30 minutes really seems to be the sweet spot with that game.  Which means I’ll need something else to play with it, but I’m not sure what that is.

Anyway, I am sad to report that despite there being sales, there are no BC sales per say.  I am interested a tid bit in Anna, but after grabbing three games last week (DarkStar One, Blood Knights and Sonic the Fighters)…I might sit this one out.  Dark I was interested in around the time of its release but after it got slammed by critics I’ve ignored it ever since.  However, I will say that the game can be had cheaply, plus you get the DLC for cheap as well (which gets good reviews if you like the game).  Anyway, hope you enjoy your week.  Hopefully we get a few good BC releases this week.  Later.

Rocket Knight and Shadows of the Damned added to Backwards Compatibility!!

A couple of good games have made their way to BC today.  Rocket Knight has great visuals and was under appreciated about half a dozen years ago when it came out.  Shadows of the Damned I actually purchased on disc for about $5 out of some bargain bin a few years back and is another gem from the minds of Suda 51/Grasshopper Manufacture.  Speaking of Grasshopper, since Killer is Dead and Shadows of the Damned are now BC, where the heck is Lollipop Chainsaw??!  Anyway, It’s a couple of unusual/underappreciated releases for BC today…all the more reason to pick one up and give it a try.  Enjoy.

Alice: Madness Returns added to Backwards Compatibility!

The news keeps on coming, and it’s a good one.  Alice: Madness Returns is a fantastic game and what’s even better is that the original game is free DLC (and has achievements to boot).  I remember when the game first came out, I was pretty darn adamant to get a new copy because it had a voucher for the first game (because it was $9.99 normally).  But now its free and everybody can be happy, lol.  Enjoy.