Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII, Cyber Troopers: Virtual ON OT, Radiant Silvergun & Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 added to Backwards Compatibility!!!!!

Maybe I should complain more often.   While none of these are barn busters (AC: Brotherhood is probably very desired but I never really got into the series), they are excellent to get us back on the road so to speak.  2 retail, 3 digital (one of which is available in a physical collection) sounds really good to me.  Here are the tweets, and then of course links.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood $19.99 (available physically and cheaper as well)

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII (only available physically, used copy about $10-$15)
Cyber Troopers: Virtual ON OT $14.99
Radiant Silvergun $14.99
Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 $9.99 (available physically as part of the Capcom Digital Collection)



July 2017 Games with Gold Announced!

Sometimes you do wish the rumors are wrong, but in this case?  Absolutely right.  Welp, here we go.  I guess the only good part about this is that I can get rid of my Lego Pirates game which was bought for about $10 used and then never played.  This might however convince me to try out K&L 2 though even if I haven’t played the first one.  We’ll see what happens.  Onwards and upward.  Enjoy.

Xbox One

  • Grow Up (July 1-31)
  • Runbow (July 16-August 15)

Xbox 360

  • Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (July 1-15)
  • Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (July 16-31)

BC Deals with Gold for the Week of June 27th, 2017

So last week, I did actually start a new game and then subsequently finish it in the same weekend.  Her Majesty’s Spiffing.  Only took me 3 hours of game time which is probably 1 more than most people will need (I’m just slow).  It was on sale and I still felt like I paid a bit much.  This week, I am eagerly awaiting a pre-order of Valkyria Revolution.  As most of you know, I’m a big supporter of JRPG’s…so I went the extra mile to pre-order this one.  As far as BC announcements this week, I only expect Games with Gold for July.  I want more BC games (and there are plenty out there to be had) but Microsoft has gotten lazy.  Yes, lazy.  No excuse (E3 doesn’t count) to not have something coming out BC wise in now over a month of time.  I just hope they aren’t pulling what they did with the OG compatibility in the 360.  In other words, make everybody feel warm and fuzzy and then wander over to another project (and leave that one behind).  I told all of you people who wanted Black Ops 2 to be careful what you wish for.

Anyway, here are the sales for this week.  As you can tell, a whole heap of nothing.  Alien Breed has been on sale before and there is no current reason to believe that it will make BC.  Anyway, we should have a Games with Gold announcement later and I’ve read the rumors.  It’s not pretty or anything to be happy for.  Maybe we’ll get a BC announcement later.  Maybe pigs will fly.  Enjoy kids.


BC Deals with Gold for the Week of June 20th, 2017

Welp, I’m going to make this quick and sweet (I’ll explain later).  Here are the deals from the Major.  There are two BC deals, good if you want Dead Space 2 and 3, not much else though.  I’ll patch in later with why I had to make this so short.  Thanks.




Fusion Frenzy will be part of the lineup for OG Xbox BC.

We already had Crimson Skies, we knew that was coming, but now we have another title in Fusion Frenzy,  a 2001 Party game that had an assortment of mini-games akin to Mario Party and like games.  And they have confirmed that no new achievements will be added to these games either, no surprise.  I am excited by the possibility of OG Xbox backwards compatibility..but the first two games (which will be coming in the fall it looks like) do nothing for me.  Feel free to read more information at this link. 

Poker Smash removed from BC Support :(

As of June 12th, 2017…Poker Smash has been removed from backwards compatible support.  Feel free to read the link for further information. 

Alright, are you back?  Yeah, it’s a pile of bullshit and I don’t say that often when it comes to Microsoft.  I am generally pretty supportive, but this reeks and not just because I own the game.  And since I have not installed it yet on my Xbox One (just hadn’t gotten around to it)…it appears I am not eligible for Hexic 2, not that I give a flying you know what.  Now, Poker Smash itself isn’t that important its more important the precedent.  I mean Activision could wake up tomorrow and go you know what, remove all COD games from BC, we want to remaster them all for the Xbox One.  And off it goes.  Of course, this is a little crazy but I just don’t like this.  At all.  Later kids.

BC Deals for the week of June 13th, 2017

Welp, I would like to say that last week I quit playing Has Been Heroes, but that is not the case.  I don’t want to give up on it when I should be able to beat it a second time.  But I falter each time, getting either to the second boss or third boss, or somewhere in-between.  Maybe I should stop this week and move on to something else….I guess time will tell.

Anyway, with E3 going on, don’t expect much for sales this week.  In fact, Major is busy, so I had to get my list from other sources.  (Thanks TrueAchievements).  Nothing to report on the BC front, except for the story below this one.  I know I should be super excited but BC games have dropped down considerably and we haven’t seen anything in weeks.  This feels like an attempt to put out about 50 more games (of the original Xbox type) and then go deathly quiet except for something occasionally.  Maybe I’m being selfish because I really wanted to see the Darkness games, Gun or Kingdom of Amalur  make BC status…but I feel those are more important than Crimson Skies.

Oh and with Crimson Skies, theoretically you can chain link 4 systems together.  Original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and then the new “S”.  Outside of pure nostalgia act, I can’t see this as being practical.  Just wake me up when Fable Anniversary or Fable Lost Chapters gets made BC.  Then I’ll think some good will come of this.  Nothing for me this week buying wise except maybe to put in a preorder for Valkyria Revolution.  Enjoy.

11:00am Edit:

Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Coming to Xbox One!!

Sorry for not capturing this sooner, but alas some weekends with a 2 year old are rougher than others.  I’m surprised I’m not on my 3rd cup of coffee to be brutally honest.  Anyway, this article comes thanks to E3 and first covered by I will point out it is actually 386 games that are BC at the moment but if you follow my page, you would already know that.  Anyway, I do like this announcement but I’m not as excited as I thought I would be. Mainly because it will likely include no new achievements and more than likely mirror the old backwards compatible list that 360 had with the Original XBOX.  I’ll attach it here if you would like to peruse that and Crimson Skies was a part of that.

Wikipedia – List of Xbox Games compatible with Xbox 360

Anyway, I’ll have to think about how I’m going to represent those titles in my spreadsheet/table for this site.  I want to avoid using another column but at the same time, I need a proper way to note it for filtering and counting.  And I would rather not have another table to worry about.  We’ll wait until we get an official announcement of the first game or two before I figure it out for good.  Enjoy kids.


BC Deals with Gold for the week of June 6th, 2017

Welp, I’m pretty much done with Has-Been Heroes.  After getting my 25th filled orb (actually up to 27 now), I just don’t have it in me anymore.  I can beat the second boss (prefer the big shield guy but I can take down Brothers Trio) but then either the third boss gets me or a random battle in the third area gets me.  A case of simply too fast (like Plants vs Zombies all over again) or not the right spells (which is all too common if you ask me).  I have made progress, but it’s honestly not enough.

So, I did buy Poker Night 2 (but passed on the other two I was talking about) for 360 off the sale last week.  And I did actually play it on Friday and Saturday, enough for three tournaments worth…of which I did win two.  Which means I can still play online poker against computers well basically (too bad that doesn’t translate to real life).  The only problem is that it is a 360 game which sits upstairs and the only reason I had enough time for three tournaments was that my mother in law was in town and helping us out with the toddler.  Hopefully they make it BC sooner than later.  It’s probably the best single player only poker experience I’ve had in a long long time.

Anyway, on to sales.  Suffice to say if you don’t care about Assassin’s Creed III or Call of Duty….well there is always next sale.  I will mention that the Deluxe version of Dragon Age: Inquisition for $5.00 is an absolute steal.  I bought it around $15 and I still think it was a steal then.  Enjoy, hopefully we’ll get some new BC this week.  Later kids.

BC Deals with Gold for the Week of May 30th, 2017

Welp, no official sales page from the Major today (due to the holiday I’m sure), so I’m doing this with the help from other sources.  Still playing a ton of Has-Been Heroes.  Still only beat it once.  I’ve gotten past the guy with the big shield once and the brothers trio once.  And I’ve only managed to make up to the yellow pirate with the lightning rods once (and didn’t do so well).  At this point, I’m beating up my head against the wall and getting nowhere.  So I think I’m going to put it aside when I hit 25 filled orbs.  (at nearly 24 now)  I need to play something else even if I go back to Burnout Paradise or something.

As far as this week goes, there are a couple of things that I’m looking at on the X1 side and then one thing on the X360 side.  X1, Blackwood Crossing & Trulon: The Shadow Engine.  Blackwood Crossing is a little quick to play through (supposedly only a couple of hours and that’s if you don’t bother with a guide) and Trulon got some bad reviews though that was before they fixed the achievements.  The story or script of Trulon was written by Jak Koke who I’ve read a few of this books actually (and enjoyed them), so I almost feel like I owe it to myself to give it a shot.

Then on the X360 side, I’m looking at Poker Night 2 which is not BC, but $1.99 for a single player poker experience is right up my alley.  However, if I was to guess how much of a chance Poker Night 2 had to be BC, I’d give it around 25% or so.  Telltale is really good about putting games on BC, but there are quite a few licenses here…including Adult Swim, 2k, Valve, and then whoever owns the Evil Dead copyrights.  So…there is that.  Anyway, BC games (Sam n Max’s, Jurassic Park) are well worth their money if you don’t have them and enjoy the rest of your week.

2:00PM Edit – Official Major Nelson Link.