Announcement: Xbox 360 to One Backwards Compatibility Page


If you look straight above to the top of the page, you will see a new tab next to About Me called Xbox 360 to One BC.  As mentioned in my article:Thoughts About Xbox 360 to One Backwards Compatibility , I was going to expand on that topic.  Here is my first improvement, a dedicated page.  Included is a table with the game name, developer, publisher, and guess at the % likelihood (99% – Lock, 1% – Snowball).  Then as time goes on (if it happens), I would record that it was backwards compatible and the date it happened.

Update: July 21st, 2015 – All developer/publisher information is now filled in.  I have added the ones already available in the Preview Program.  Simply sort the list by BC, and there they are.  Notice, they have a “Preview” in the date column because these games are only available to those in the Preview Program.  I’ll update it with a real date once it becomes available to everybody.


7/24 Update on Backwards Compatibility Voting

Alright, so continuing on this Xbox 360 to One BC train, I thought I would do a little analysis.  This first iteration is weekly (8 days close enough), but we’ll see how much time I have to update this.  Basically, take votes from the previous week, go over the top 15 and the bottom.  Discuss trends and all of that fun stuff.  Let’s dive inside.

If you would like a copy of the file that these votes are stored in, please click here: Backwards-votes

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Some Thoughts about Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility to the One

We will call this article a deviation of sorts. I am sure everybody has heard the news by now that Microsoft is implementing Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility into the Xbox One. And most people know that you can actually vote for which games get the go-ahead for implementation. I figured since I’m huge on this concept that we would make a fun chart of all the games I voted on and realistically judged based on public votes and what I know if it has a chance to get the golden ticket. Then, the great part is once a game actually gets “voted in” so to speak, we’ll update this column and see how good I am at predicting. Read more

Coming Soon to Blogpost Recordings

Yes, in celebration of my first private voice acting class that I had this past Friday with Jim Conlan, I will be going back (as part of practice) and recording my previous blogs as time allows. The main thing that came out of the class was while I had a very strong voice (no surprise), but I do have a very untrained voice which needs practice (and lots of it). So my microphone should be in on Tuesday (An AudioTechnica 2020 Plus / USB), and we will start with the newer blogs and work backwards. Maybe we will even get to some of my older & newer creative stuff. We shall see :).

July 17th Update: I hate saying it, but this is on hold.  I’m focusing more on writing right now and of course my fantastic family.  This is still my goal, just don’t expect it next week.  Thank you :)

June 5th, 2015

Ready for a snappy intro?  How about this, I have not written one of these in six months and really regret it.  The problem is, I ran into a little issue, somewhere between the fact I was quickly approaching 40, I gained an amazing wife and we had a perfect little son.  Before you ask, this is not going to be some dad blog where I prate on for pages and pages about how wonderful it is to be a father.  It’s great, it’s wonderful, there is not a better person I could have done it with, but its not my style.  Let’s dip into life and what’s going in my little corner of the world.  Sure there will be dad bits, but it won’t be a dad bit.
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December 22nd, 2014

Just a few days here from that day known as Christmas to many, Happy Holidays to others, and a few some four letter words that we try and refrain from using because we forgot to get that somebody special a Christmas gift.  And it’s always that person that has not gotten you a gift in years but somehow decided to give you something this year.  So therefore, you are scrambling around for something that makes sense but that’s not going to cripple your bank account.  Anyway, moving onward and upward, let’s talk about other things.  Read more

November 25th, 2014

So this should be a much shorter blog and I really am using this as a vehicle to get a couple of things off my chest.  Also, it is one day before Thanksgiving and we are going to go quick hits on all of my thoughts before that faithful day.  This will be a bit different from my usual blogs, so let’s go shall we?

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November 21st, 2014

It be the month of November, a mere few days from where people ingest massive helpings of turkey and then fall asleep watching football and bad parades before engulfing a piece of pumpkin pie.  Wait, this would be the part where I insert something about family, togetherness and love.  Clearly you have not been paying attention. Cynicism is probably my middle name for the next month or so but hopefully my wife can break me out of them.  More inside.   Read more

October 30th, 2014

It is the day before Halloween, arguably one of my favorite Holidays as long as I am inside, watching scary movies or playing a frightening video game.  Oh, and enjoying a few pieces of candy.  Okay, so maybe occasionally I can be encouraged to move away from my box, put on a costume and go to a local function.  It is not asking too much for me to go out, just my social ineptitude does not usually allow me to act any differently.  Let’s dip inside for a spell though and see what we have to talk about this week. Read more

October 20th, 2014

A great goal for this website would be writing a blog once a week.  A slightly less but still good goal might one blog every two weeks.  Now, before this blog I was working on once a year which let’s face facts is pretty bad.  So, perhaps the reasonable and decent goal is a blog every 2 to 3 weeks.   Now who is taking bets on that actually happening?  *crickets* *tumbleweeds in the distance* *eerie Silent Hill music*  Hrmm, well let’s take a look inside and discuss everything from The Calling to Peggle 2 to this guy actually attending a voice acting class in the near future.  Want more?  Well, click inside anyway, will ya? Read more