BC Deals for the week of October 25th, 2016

Here are the Major’s sales for this week.  I am officially done with Chapter 2 of Mars War Logs and no I did not choose the side of the Resistance (though I intend to replay Chapter 3 for the Resistance once I’m done anyway).  Still enjoying it, though wish the combat was a little more varied.  My typical fight goes strike, evade, strike, evade, strike, strike (because I was able to isolate somebody), evade, etc.  Oh and one of those strikes are probably crits if that matters.  I almost never use the nailgun unless its one of the monsters that jump at you (which is probably a good thing because ammo is pretty scarce).  Anyway, there are 3 games and a DLC pack this week on the BC List.  I will also note that I think Dungeon Defenders despite not being BC is having a fantastic sale this week with the game and DLC at great prices.  I think its gearing up to be BC soon, but we’ll see.  Enjoy kids.

Games with Gold for the month of November 2016

Hahahahahaha.  That’s the best thing I can think of to describe November’s GWG.  Both of the Xbox One games plus Monkey Island I own.  Yes, I own Dungeon Bros even though it has not came out yet.  I have a preorder from several months ago on the Microsoft Store that I bought with left over credit.  So, essentially I will have it digitally and physically.  I’ll probably download it, play it and then sell off my physical copy (unless I love it).  The same with Murdered: Soul Suspect.  I guess though I’ll have two less physical disc games by the end of the year (I’m sure I’ll be able to put them up on Half.com and get a couple of dollars if nothing else).  Enjoy.

Xbox One Games

November 1-30th – Super Dungeon Bros.

November 16th-December 15th – Murdered: Soul Suspect


Xbox 360 Games (both BC)

November 1-15th – Secret of Monkey Island SE

November 16-30th – Far Cry: Blood Dragon

Orange Box, Galaga Legions, Joe Danger 2: The Movie added to Backwards Compatibility!!!

One of the biggest retail releases to backwards compatibility today, and yet…three of the four first comments are about Black Ops 2.  Half Life 1 and 2 own your pathetic excuse of a shooter franchise, thank you very much.  Orange Box is a huge get, any day, anywhere, any time.  Galaga Legions should not be confused with Galaga Legions DX.  True, they are similar, but Galaga Legions can be found on Namco Museum Virtual Arcade (which every BC fan should have by now), and DX can’t.  Finally, Joe Danger 2 is supposedly a pretty fun game, and now both Joe Dangers are BC.  Good day, actually great day.  Enjoy kids.

BC Deals of the Week for October 18th, 2016

Welp, figured I do this one a little early which will probably become the norm since I have a tiny more time to do this at home.  Anyway, here are the deals.  As you can see, the BC part of the equation is dominated by Fallout (which I have both discs and their complete editions).  I do see however the Tomb Raider games, at least some of them getting that BC status at some point.  Personally, probably nothing for me this week.  Part of me wants Raiden V on X1,  but I’ll probably restrain myself.  Enjoy kids.


Silent Hill: Downpour, Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard and Puzzle Quest added to Backwards Compatibility!!!

Wish I had posted this early but the computer I was near was having a whole bunch of issues.  Anyway, we had three games added to BC and thankfully I own all three, a couple even in disc form.  Puzzle Quest was kinda a gimme after the previous two a couple of weeks ago.  Eat Lead is a bit of a surprise since it was the very definition of a niche title.  It’s a lot of fun as long as you play the game on easy and don’t try to go for all 1000 achievement points.  Silent Hill Downpour is not quite as strong as the other 360 Silent Hill game (Homecoming) but I think we’ll see that one in short order as releases tend to happen in groups.  Give it a month.  Enjoy kids.

Jurassic Park, Battlestations: Midway, Dragon’s Lair & Le Tour de France 2011 added to Backwards Compatibility!!!!

Sorry that this is a few hours late, I’m backed up on a few things.  But here it is regardless :).  The only one in this bunch that interests me is probably Jurassic Park and only cause it looks like an easy completion.  Heck, Le Tour de France 2011 as you might expect isn’t even available in the US, so good luck with that one.  Enjoy.

BC Deals for the Week of October 11th, 2016

This week we have a SUPER SALE…(Gameshow voice).    Well, there is a lot of BC titles for sure, I’m just trying to figure out if this is really super after all.  Last week, even though I said I wasn’t, I ended up purchasing Bard’s Gold for Xbox One.  Too bad, it was overshadowed by the fact I got two music games to play, Just Sing (which is not good) and Rock Band 4 (which is very good).  And yes, I am still playing Mars: War Logs, about half way through the second chapter.  Still enjoying it, especially since the combat has become much easier (since I’m spending almost all of my points in that skill tree).  Out of this list, the only thing that stands out (meaning it hasn’t been here a few times before) is Shank 2 which is a very modest $4.99.  That will probably be the one for me.  There are some others here as ones that will eventually be BC but that’s all I know for now.  Enjoy.


Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, Puzzle Quest 2 and Puzzle Quest: Galactrix added to Backwards Compatibility!!!

Welp, Larry kinda threw me off today in the sense that he almost always posts any new BC games at precisely 11:00am CST.  He posted today at 11:10 am.  Ten whole minutes!    Anyway, I happen to own all three of these (sadly Sonic sits unopened on my shelf) and can particularly recommend the Puzzle Quests.  The last one (Galactrix), I still need the two online achievements and perhaps this will help me get them to finally get them (perhaps).  Else, it’s a good trio of games, even if I have basically completed two of them.  Have fun.

BC Deals of the week for October 4th, 2016

The deals seemed to be up much earlier last night, probably as a result of the fact they took forever the previous week.    There are several deals here, I’m probably most interested in Outland.  (Slightly interested in Bard’s Gold for Xb1 but I have enough “Rogue” type games).  As far as potentials, you could make an argument over many of these and I personally think Crash: Mind over Mutant is due but that’s me.  By the way, still playing Mars: War Logs and liking it quite a bit.  It’s far from perfect but I think it is just what I needed.  I’m not going to get all of the side quests (because they require you to follow an exact path and it’s time sensitive as well)…but I have confidence I can beat it (through Chapter one already).  If nothing else, it makes me want to play both Bound by Flame as well as Technomancer (two of the other Spiders rpgs)  a lot more.  Anyway, enjoy.


Lost Odyssey, Toy Story 3, and Guwange added to Backwards Compatibility!!!

Well, its a good thing I’m not a betting man….cause I would have bet good money that Blue Dragon would have been released first before Lost Odyssey.  Not that I mind LO came out first, I own both (and both are fantastic).  Please keep in mind if you want a copy of LO, it is not available digitally for purchase.  It is used copy circuit only and will run about twenty bucks from what I have seen.   I will note that this does have one piece of DLC w/achievements but the DLC will only set you back a dollar so get it already.

Toy Story 3 is another retail release (digital available as well for $19.99) for the kiddoes.  Disc actually does not run cheaper from a quick check on Amazon and Ebay which is surprising.  Though it does seem like the kind of title which you might find cheaper in an used store setting such as Half price books or a equivalent movie/game swap shop.  (They tend to not check Amazon/Ebay pricing and price it the same as other family games).

Guwange is the last release here, and is a pretty darn good Arcade title from what I hear.  It is of the vertical shooter variety.  Reminds me of Ikari Warriors/Heavy Barrel from the looks of it if I had to pin it to a game I’ve seen before.  Very Japanese in flavor.  It will only set you back $9.99.  Enjoy!