BC Deals with Gold for the week of January 17th, 2017

Another fine week, well okay…it’s just an average week I guess.  I am up to level 92 in Gems of War (only 8 to go), finished the 4th episode of Batman: Telltale and still grinding out achievements in Plants vs Zombies GW 2.  I am in the mood for something new, that’s for sure…especially once I finish Gems of War and Batman (which should be in a week or two).  This week we do actually see a couple of sales, Jurassic Park and the very popular to sales, Mars: War Logs.  Personally I can tell you that if you can get through the clumsiness of the Mars’ fighting engine, you’ll get well worth the meager $2.49 Xbox space bucks you are going to spend in pure story & environment.  Jurassic Park is also well worth the $5 too since the disc is not easy to come by at a reasonable price.

But the most interesting thing about this sale is not a BC game at all and that’s Omerta.  The game is only $5 this week and all of the DLC is 50% off including the one DLC w/achievements, Japanese Incentive.  This DLC basically added KKK members and samurai sword action  to a game that can be described as a poor man’s X-Com with mobsters.  It really turned the game on its ear.  Anyway, I happen to own the disc to this one, but never got around to purchasing the DLC..so needless to say Japanese Incentive is already purchased as of this morning (and I’m looking into the other DLC as we speak).  Hopefully in the next month or so, Omerta and all of the DLC goes BC because this is the perfect opportunity to jump on all of it.  Enjoy.


Wednesday Update: As it turns out, Bound by Flame also cropped up on sale.  I’m half surprised Faery didn’t as well.  See the link below, great price (too bad I have it on disc). 

Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10 and Beat’n Groovy added to Backwards Compatibility!!!

Well this one of these games are not like the other two.  In fact, Beat n Groovy probably shouldn’t even be allowed to be called a game at all.  Well I mean it is a rhythm game, but it is an absolutely horrible one.  Mega 9 and 10 are good sequels to the iconic franchise so those are excellent additions.  Not much else to report.  Enjoy.

Dragon Age: Origins, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Strania, The Splatters, Scrap Metal, & Ghostbusters have been added to Backwards Compatibility!!!!!!!

Now, this is what we call a whole lotta BC love.  The biggest draw here is either DA: Origins or Battlefield 2 & 3.  I personally own two copies of Dragon Age Origins, the original steelbook & the ultimate edition.  I also have the guides for the original game and the main piece of dlc: Awakening.  It’s an incredibly massive game and glad that it is finally a part of the BC program.  Do me a favor and save yourself the trouble, but if you don’t own DA: Origins, Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 3 and want to, buy the Ultimate/Complete editions on disc.  They are all reasonably priced and that way you don’t have to worry about this very nickel and dime downloadable content.  Normally, I would not use a “More” tag, but considering the amount of DLC links, I figured it was wise to split it up.  Enjoy!

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BC Deals for the Week of January 10th, 2017

Welp, I finished the Title Update portion of Gems of War this morning, so again that only leaves level 100 to go.  I’m at level 88, but at least I can focus solely on leveling and not accumulating piles and piles of glory.  By the way, if you are missing the Mythic achievement, you can get it this week with 2700 Glory at the shop (look for Spooky Imp).  It also nets you a crapload of gold which you can then turn into whatever you want over at your guild (I run my own guild because I’m not competitive enough to fit into one of these “You must earn a certain amount of seals or glory every week” guilds).

Also, got through the Plants storyline in PvsZ GW 2 finally.  Those last two quests were a bear to get through.  I do admit that I’m starting to get bored of the game, but I still have achievements to go for now.  Anyway, that long winded intro was just an excuse to cover up for the fact that this week isn’t a whole heck of a lot when it comes to deals.  Well maybe if you like Rock Band (X1) or the Tropico series (X360), it’s a good week.  But nothing for BC.  I really hope we get a few BC announcements this week.  It’s been very quiet and this kind of stuff barely gets me up in the morning.  Enjoy.

BC Deals with Gold for the Week of January 3rd, 2017

It’s a new year and with that we get sales a plenty.  Errr, or sales a few?  Yeah, that will work.  I spent most of my weekend playing either Gems of War (level 85 and trying to save up enough Glory for the Mythic achievement) or Plants vs Zombies GW 2 (getting frustrated at the last set of Plant quests which are much tougher IMHO than the Zombie quests which I flew thru).  Oh, and I did finish the third episode of Batman: Telltale series.  That cliffhanger of the third episode was certainly a spin on the Batman mythos for sure.  Good stuff.  Anyway, here is your lone BC deal for this set of sales.  After buying Dear Esther for X1 and Crystal Defenders for X360, I will probably sit out any sales for this week.  However, I will admit Sword Coast Legends for X1 is awfully tempting.  Also, if you haven’t downloaded The Cave for X360 or Deathtrap for the X1 as part of Games with Gold, they are now both available.  Enjoy kids.

BC Countdown Deals starting December 29th, 2016

I probably could have posted this a bit sooner, but alas I was catching up with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in probably 4 or 5 years.  And that point, we weren’t talking to each other so this was a great opportunity to spend time with him and get back some time lost.  Time certainly well spent.  Anyway, nothing much going on, except these new pack of deals so to speak.  If the previous deals on the 22nd didn’t sway you, then these could be the ticket, well maybe :).  I do admit that Catherine & Crystal Defenders are awful tempting.  The only problem is I don’t think I’ll enjoy either all that much after the first hour or so.  Here they are, enjoy!

Special Note: For Capcom Arcade Cabinet: All In One Pack, I’ve said it before but you HAVE to buy the regular game prior to purchasing this pack.  It’s not all inclusive.

BC Deals for the Week of December 27th, 2016

Hi folks, back from Christmas vacation…well actually still on a day off until tomorrow from work.  Oddly enough, we do have some sales this week, but not too much of consequence.  I had a good Christmas even if much of it I was sick with some nose and throat issues.  As far as games received during the holiday, I got the Skyrim Remaster and XCom2.  I got some gift cards as well, some of which may turn into Xbox Live cards.  Anyway, here are the sales, or rather DeBlob which is at a very cheap price.  I do have to think Destroy All Humans will hit BC soon enough, the Snipers possibly too.    Enjoy your time off, family, and whatever these holidays were kind enough to bring you.


BC Countdown Deals Starting December 22nd, 2016

Alrighty, so I actually saw these yesterday in storeparser.com, but wanted to wait for an official announcement because 1)it’s easier to copy and paste from the major as opposed to that site and 2)in case they added something which certainly happens.  At least I’m honest.  There is some good stuff in here, personally I’m eyeing Contrast for the X1, possibly the Walking Dead Telltale Mini-series, also for X1 and then perhaps something out of the cheap 360 pool like Escape from Dead Island or Shred Nebula.  But it’s not as good as I hoped, that’s for sure.  But certainly plenty to mull over and there are supposed to be daily deals.  Though honestly, I’m sure they will all be related to the X1 and not 360 BC.  Enjoy.

Games with Gold for the month of January 2016

And here I thought we wouldn’t get anymore announcements until a couple of days from now for this epic sale going on.  We get the announcement of Games with Gold for January, and honestly it is an excellent one.  I have been eyeing the Cave ever since they made the BC announcement and Rayman Origins despite owning on disc, I can always go for that extra digital copy.  On the X1 side, we get the tower defense game from the same developers who made the Van Helsing games along with Season 2 (we got Season 1 a while back as well) of Killer Instinct.  I don’t really see a weak game in the bunch (unless Van Helsing turns out to be a dud).  Enjoy.

Xbox One

January 1st – January 31st

  • World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap

January 16th – February 15th

  • Killer Instinct Season 2: Ultra Edition

Xbox 360

January 1st – January 15th

  • The Cave

January 16th – January 31st

  • Rayman Origins

BC Deals with Gold for the week of December 20th, 2016

The week of Christmas it is.  A magical place.  A time of the year when Daddy’s around the world get to pull down their…wife’s ornaments from the attic and possibly break their ankles and legs.  But enough about me, we have sales to worry about or do we?  Well, actually that answer is very unfortunately no.  No BC Sales.  Now, there are supposed to be BC sales come December 22nd when they start doing their end of the year celebration.  If I was to recommend anything out of this sale that might go BC in the future, I would lean towards Remember Me or possibly Street Fighter X Tekken.  The rest probably are not going to happen.  Anyway, that’s that for now, enjoy.