Frogger and Galaga Legions DX added to Backwards Compatibility!!

I missed this one a bit, but with the sizable announcement earlier this week, I wasn’t actively looking.¬† ūüôā¬† Here is the announcement.¬† For those looking for disc copies, Frogger is on Konami Classics Vol 1 disc (and its Galaga Legions on the Namco Museum disc, not DX).¬†¬†If going the digital route, Frogger is a mere $5 game (hasn’t had¬†a sale since 2013), and Galaga Legions DX is $10 (and had a recent sale in March for 70% off!).¬†Enjoy.

Altered Beast, Comix Zone, The Cave, Double Dragon Neon and Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime added to Backwards Compatibility!!!!!

Well, something just told me there would be a BC announcement today on top of everything else.  However I was not aware there would be 5 games added to BC.  Twitter posts can be found here and here.

Altered Beast – $4.99, and like most Sega Games, it’s cheap enough darn it!¬† Really easy achievements too.

Comix Zone Р$4.99, another Sega Game, slightly harder achievements.

The Cave Р$14.99, a little more expensive, also from Sega.  Has had a sale or two (in the 50% range) as soon as 2014.  Much harder on the achievements end since most of them are missable.

Double Dragon Neon – $9.99, I actually own this one and honestly I didn’t think it had much chance of making it as seen in my original posts.¬† It was last on sale in May of 2015 (when I grabbed it) at a mere $2.49.¬† Achievements are very difficult.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime – $4.99, and not a very good game at all.¬† Achievements aren’t too bad and it last had a sale in 2013, but honestly I still wouldn’t mess with it.

With all of this Sega love again, I really want to see a sale soon, I think it would benefit everybody (I can think of at least 4-5 I would pick up including Altered Beast and Cave).  Also, where is Phantasy Star II?  Come on!


Games with Gold for May 2016 Announced!

Welp, Games with Gold has been announced¬†and to be frankly honest, it’s rather disappointing.¬† Mostly because I already own Costume Quest 2 and Peggle.¬† That’s supplemented by the fact that I really don’t care about Defense Grid 2 (XB1) or Grid 2 (360).¬† Maybe I’ll give one of those two a try, I doubt it.¬† I got plenty to accomplish in Never Alone and Stranger in Sword City.¬† Also, I want to get back to Borderlands (1 or 2).¬† Enjoy…I guess. ūüôā

BC Deals with Gold for the week of April 26th, 2016

Another week, another range of deals and we actually have a couple of BC Deals for once. ¬† Hope you like Assassin’s Creed though, because that’s what you are getting.¬† Also, we do get a Pinball FX2 table on sale which is kinda like BC since if you buy the table on your 360, you can import it to your Xbox One for free.¬† I don’t believe I have the Civil War table, so I’ll double check before purchasing.¬† Another freebie worth mentioning but the first Episode of King’s Quest is free on both consoles as well.¬† Not a bad week at all.¬† Hope you enjoy.

BC Deals

Pinball FX2 Tables (remember to download on your Xbox 360 first if you want it on both systems)

Rayman Origins added to Backwards Compatibility!

Sorry, I am a few hours late on this one.¬† Prince died, what the heck do you expect?¬† Seriously sadness only begins to express the feelings I am having right now.¬† A true legend and then some.¬† Anyway, Rayman Origins added to BC.¬† No big surprise there since UBISoft has been pretty good about bringing their titles over.¬† The only question I have for UBISoft at this point is where is Driver: San Francisco?¬† I would ask for Scott Pilgrim as well, but I know licensing issues :/.¬† Oh, one minor note, I will be writing a review for Never Alone on Xbox One in the near future.¬† I know its been out a while, but I’m just getting to it now.¬† Have fun kids.

BC Deals with Gold for the week of April 19th, 2016

Welp, the ole Major has not posted the official deals(8:15AM Edit – Spoke too soon), so we’ll have to do this from a couple of sources:

Xbox One deals ->

Xbox 360 deals -> (ends at Lost Planet 2)

As you can tell, there are no BC 360 deals unfortunately.¬† If I was going to play speculation, the Lost Planets and Dragon’s Dogma: DA would be my most likely guesses.¬† While XBLA games tend to get the nod, the ones on sale this week have either Xbox One ports (Strider, Zombie Driver) or very few are asking for them (Duck Tales).¬† I own Duck Tales on disc anyway.¬† I also own the original Dragon’s Dogma which I got for a few dollars at a flea market.¬† Honestly, I would happily upgrade to DA if we got an announcement.

Heck, if Capcom came out and said we were working with Microsoft on BC and mentioned this as one of the titles, I’d probably bite.¬† However, it’s hard to believe when Capcom has only 2 titles of theirs on BC (Dark Void, Age of Booty), but there is the chance.¬† For me this week, I’ll probably just get the Never Alone collection on Xbox One which is a steal at $4.75 including dlc (barring a DD:DA announcement).¬† Enjoy kids.

Doom 3 BFG and Monaco added to Backwards Compatibility!

Welp, we do get another announcement and it’s quite decent. ¬† I’m interested to see if Doom 3 loads a little better now than it did in 360 times.¬† I just wish Bethesda¬†(or Microsoft testing)¬†would hurry up with Skyrim.¬† Monaco:What’s Yours is Mine¬†is not a title I am very familiar with but I could be tempted to buy it with a sale (it last had one back in July of 2015, regularly priced @ 14.99).¬† Good stuff.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project and Sonic the Fighters added to Backwards Compatibility!

Microsoft certainly loves their odd pairings and trios when it comes to announcing releases to backwards compatibility.¬† Interestingly enough, I do own the Duke Nukem game which was a throwback to the older Duke games on the PC (side scroller action).¬† I never finished it and I would imagine that this at least gives me incentive to give it another shot.¬† On the what was the last time this game had a sale…Garou was $4.99 (normally¬†$9.99)¬†in April of last year, Duke has been on sale never (normally $9.99), and Sonic the Fighters was last on sale in 2013 (but on the flip side it’s only normally $5 and an easy completion).¬† We’ll take it but hopefully there is at least one more announcement this week.

BC Deals with Gold for the week of April 12th, 2016 (Alan Wake Free DLC too)!

Welp, another week, another list of deals with no Backwards compatibility. ¬† It’s not a horrible list of deals per say, but its frustrating more than anything.¬† I mean, taking this list for example, I really want to see Remember Me or Puzzle Fighter make BC, but they haven’t to this point.¬† In addition, I would consider buying one of the Street Fighters if they pulled a Tekken Tag 2 like announcement where they made BC and had a sale in the same week.¬† (I really would like to see numbers on that btw…the amount of people who bought it before and after the announcement)

Oh and I do have one piece of general BC news.  Both DLC packs for Alan Wake are now free as of late last week.  Unfortunately, I already have both, but its good for the people who waited forever and a day to get them :).  I would assume this is permanent, but time will tell. Links are below.  Enjoy.

Outland and Gunstar Heroes added to Backwards Compatibility!

Well, two oddball titles were added to backwards compatibility today.  Unfortunately I own neither and neither are currently on sale.  (Outland ($10 normally) was last on sale in December of 2013 and Gunstar Heroes (too bad its not Guardian Heroes but maybe there is hope now) has never been on sale, but on the flipside its a $5 game and super easy achievements).    Again, more titles are welcomed, but just a tad bit of a head scratcher.  Enjoy kids.