About Me

Michael Durr, webmaster for Kedrix.net

A long time ago, I was born.  I grew up in North Carolina as an only child until I was sixteen when I was peddled off to Texas.  Once there, I went to North Texas University for five years and graduated with a BBA in Finance.  After that, it was doing a series of accounting or data entry jobs until I found what I was good at, software administration.  In particular, purchasing software administration.

However, this led me to the engineering world for which I made enough money to support my family but also led me to extreme UN-fulfillment and depression.  The idea that for the next forty years I would be stuck inside a cubicle or even an office held absolutely nothing for me.  In a word, it sucked and I wanted no part of it.  Until recently, I thought there was no other option.

Most people who know me, know that I can write.  For the last eight years, I’ve been writing full time at a website called Upcomingdiscs.com doing reviews, columns, and other assorted pieces.   Christmas of 2012, I traded in that post (I will still contribute on a part time basis but the week to week is gone) and started what you see here, a website that will be devoted to my writing, wherever it will take me.

My ultimate hope is to publish a novel.  The genre will either be fantasy or sci-fi, I’ve toiled with both.  The main character is Kedrix, hence the name of this site.  It is a character I have had for 20 years in my head and is dieing to be drawn out.  He’s my Drizzt, he’s my Conan, he’s me.  The time has come and I hope that the people reading this will enjoy the journey as much as I do creating it.  May he never be FORGOTTEN.