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Announcement: Xbox 360 to One Backwards Compatibility Page

If you look straight above to the top of the page, you will see a new tab next to About Me called Xbox 360 to One BC.  As mentioned in my article:Thoughts About Xbox 360 to One Backwards Compatibility , I was going to expand on that topic.  Here is my first improvement, a dedicated page.  Included is a table with the game name, developer, publisher, and guess at the % likelihood (99% – Lock, 1% – Snowball).  Then as time goes on (if it happens), I would record that it was backwards compatible and the date it happened.

Update: July 21st, 2015 – All developer/publisher information is now filled in.  I have added the ones already available in the Preview Program.  Simply sort the list by BC, and there they are.  Notice, they have a “Preview” in the date column because these games are only available to those in the Preview Program.  I’ll update it with a real date once it becomes available to everybody.


Coming Soon to Blogpost Recordings

Yes, in celebration of my first private voice acting class that I had this past Friday with Jim Conlan, I will be going back (as part of practice) and recording my previous blogs as time allows. The main thing that came out of the class was while I had a very strong voice (no surprise), but I do have a very untrained voice which needs practice (and lots of it). So my microphone should be in on Tuesday (An AudioTechnica 2020 Plus / USB), and we will start with the newer blogs and work backwards. Maybe we will even get to some of my older & newer creative stuff. We shall see :).

July 17th Update: I hate saying it, but this is on hold.  I’m focusing more on writing right now and of course my fantastic family.  This is still my goal, just don’t expect it next week.  Thank you 🙂

Welcome to!!!

This site is under construction but soon there will loads of great content here, or at least blogs about my writing (and samples too). More to come kids, more to come.

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