Mafia II and Prey added to Backwards Compatibility!!

Well, while I did expect a couple of releases today, I can safely say I was not expecting Mafia II one bit.  Mafia II was actually my third biggest want of the BC era.  (The other two being Skyrim which got a port and XCOM Enemy Unknown/Within which are already BC).  It’s a fantastic game, and I’m eager to see how well it plays on the Xbox One.  Prey is also interesting as it plays different from the Xbox One game and was a good game in its own right.  Also both are on sale right now with Prey being only $4 which unless you find it in a bargain bin is going to be as cheap as you are going to get.  Prey has in addition a lot of free multiplayer dlc if you go looking on  Also, with Mafia II, try to seek out the Platinum version with all of the DLC.  It’s hard to find, but worth it.  Enjoy.

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