Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare & Sonic Adventure added to Backwards Compatibility!!

Another day, another Call of Duty added to backwards compatibility.  I’m sure the Call of Duty people are happy…oh wait…this just in, they wanted Modern Warfare 2.  (This just in, I don’t care.)  And wait for it, wait for it.  We have a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 special!!  Cue the siren, Paulie.  Yes, Advanced Warfare is on sale this week at…$19.99.  $19.99??  WTF is it normally?  $49.99…*facepalm*  Alright, kill the siren Paulie.

Sonic Adventure is the more interesting of the two to me because of the DLC which consists of a DX upgrade at a mere $2.49.  The upgrade also gave 60 new levels and allowed you to play with a new character too.  That’s about as good as cheap DLC will get.  I would advise waiting for Sonic Adventure to get a sale (normally $4.99 but I have seen it for $2.49) and then grab that and the DLC in one bite.  But that’s it for this week, we’ll see what happens in October.  Enjoy.

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