BC Deals with Gold for the Week of October 10th, 2017

Welp, I did it.  I finished Valkyria Revolution.  100% and all that jazz.  According to TruAchievements, I was the 50th person to do so.  Well on that site anyway, I’m sure there were others who never bother with that site.  But it’s done, and that’s that.  I did not start any new games this week, but I did go back to an old favorite, Ziggurat.  And guess what?  I finally beat all 5 floors.  After 30 freaking tries, I finally beat it.  I promptly died the next 10 tries (I was screwing around honestly)…but I made it happen.  Also got some of the other achievements too.  I’ll probably keep playing it until I reach a couple of milestones (5,000 kills, 50 deaths) and then put it down for another six months.  It’s a perfect palette cleanser.

I would love to bring you some 360 sales this week, but there isn’t any. Just Xbox One sales at this current point in time.  If I was going to recommend any Xbox One sales, I’d probably say Divinity and Dangerous Golf.  Dangerous Golf I’ve spoke of before, but it got a lot better with patches and is worth playing start to finish.  I stuck with it through all of the floating obstacles, stuck balls and graphic collision and came out loving it once it came together.  Now people who buy it can just enjoy what the game has become rather than how it got there.  Anyway, I’ll update this column once we get some 360 sales.  Enjoy your week.

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