BC Deals with Gold for the Week of March 27th, 2018

Welp, first I want to apologize for this getting to you so late.  Life happened, so unfortunately I had to push this aside until I could give it the proper attention.  I did finish the Necromancer DLC in Diablo III over the weekend and promptly started Batman: Enemy Within.  I am nearly through the first episode and figured if I can do an episode a week, I’ll have it done before the end of April which is good enough for me.  In the meantime, I’ll be on the look out for some other game since I usually like playing two games at the same time (I get bored a lot less quickly).

Here are this week’s sales which include the spring sale.  As you can see, this part of why it took me so long.  There is a regular sale, but there is also Spring sale items as well.  So, that is that, enjoy until next week (or GWG or a BC announcement).  For sale items, just click on the -Read More-.  Enjoy kids.

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