BC Deals with Gold for the Week of January 30th, 2018

Still playing Diablo III, got through the second act with my necromancer.  I’m probably about level 45, 46.  At the rate I’m going I’ll probably be near level 70 once I finish act V.  I do remember though once you get to level 60, things slow down considerably.  I really need to start something else though because right now when I’m given a choice between gaming, movies and sleep…I’m choosing either movies or sleep.  Anyway, here are the sales for this week.    You will notice no 360 sales at all, BC or otherwise.  And I checked Storeparser and a few other places too…nothing :(.  It’s frustrating because this is becoming more commonplace now and there are still plenty of reasons to have 360 sales.  On the X1 side, I would like to get Letter Quest to use my noggin so to speak.  It’s also only $3.  I’ll update the column once I see something, but until then just relax and enjoy.

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