BC Deals for the Week of May 16th, 2017 (SUPER SALE!!)

Here we go babie!  Everybody whip out their checkbooks because its time to go to school.  Yes, this sale might be just everything we are looking for and then some.  Furthermore, it has a lot of smaller games that almost never go on sale..so best to scoop them up this week before we never see them on sale again.

Before I get to the list, I will say this last week I spent it playing Burnout Paradise (still progressing and way beyond what I thought I could do in this game) and a new game called Has Been Heroes which is ridiculously hard rogue-like game for the X1.  Normally I would go on and on about it, but we have a big sale to look through…so hit the MORE and peruse truly one of the greatest sales for Xbox Live I have ever seen.  Enjoy.

11:00am Wednesday edit: Prices are finally filled in, any errors…let me know.  It’s a LOT of typing so I probably did one or two.

3:30pm Wednesday edit: By the comment below, TablePress (the plug-in I use) doesn’t import the links of the Excel sheet or else I would gladly provide a sortable table.  But what I can do is provide a link to said XLS and the user can download and sort on their own (and still have links, etc).

8:00am Friday edit: Sorry for the late addition, but I was alerted by a DVDTalk Forum comrade that I was missing the All in One Pack for Capcom Arcade Cabinet.  I’ve talked about this before, but the base game only unlocks 3 of the games.  (1943, Black Tiger and Avengers).  The All in One Pack adds everything else and is very worth it.  (Ghosts n Goblins, Gunsmoke, Legendary Wings, Trojan, etc).  And I could be wrong, but this is the first time I can remember where both are on sale simultaneously.  So get them, and enjoy!



  1. Bah! says:

    You should make the list sortable, otherwise, nice job!

  2. Michael Durr says:

    Done! (sort-of)…check the heading, and thank you for commenting!

  3. Ein says:

    Thanks, Kedrix! Terrific job! : )

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