BC Deals with Gold for the Week of November 7th, 2017

I did not play too much last week, mostly worked on the achievement in Pinball FX3 where you max out all of your wizard powers/upgrades on a single table.  I’ll probably play FX3 a lot less now because I finished that, but it does open up things a bit.  Mostly to play Oxenfree which is probably what I’m focusing on for a couple of weeks.  Not too much in sales this week. I keep wondering when the Worms series will finally be made BC, I’m not sure what they are waiting for at this point.  I do notice that Worms 2 is not part of the sales list which makes me think that it will be the first one to go.  It would be really nice if they went ahead with Deadpool and made it BC too.  It’s not like they are making that much money off of it anymore.  *sigh*, probably a license thing.  Enjoy.

Into the Night (Blu-Ray) Review

This movie review I posted today for Upcomingdiscs.com


Shakes the Clown (Blu-Ray) Review

Apparently, I still do movie reviews from time to time :).  This one I did in September, but forgot to link it here.


Deadly Premonition added to Backwards Compatibility!

As you might have figured out from my posts, I’m not the kinda the guy who jumps on the Call of Duty and Madden trains and ride them to perpetuity.  I like oddball games with oddball themes and Deadly Premonition certainly has that in spades.  Sure, the game has some clumsy controls but the story is so completely whacked out that it transcends that notion and pulls you in…deep.  And for another generation to experience that game, well that’s a good thing.  If you don’t want to run down a disc copy, then digital at $19.99 isn’t a bad idea either.  Enjoy.

BC Deals with Gold for the Week of October 31st, 2017

This is Halloween, This is Halloween. It is actually…anyway I spent last week as you probably guessed from the last two posts, playing two games for Reviews. I will continue to play Oxenfree in spots but my time with The Park is done. I am also still playing quite a bit of Pinball FX3, and working on some achievements there. The sales are nothing fantastic this time around but I’ll use this time to highlight a couple of things. I hope this is the signaling of Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief joining BC in the coming weeks (I already have all three episodes). That price is fantastic, especially if you missed when Raven was GWG.  Second, since we are talking about BC here, we can easily talk about Retro games re-existing on the Xbox One.  There is a game coming out today called 8-Bit Adventure Anthology which includes Shadowgate, Deja Vu, and Uninvited, a complete nostalgia trip for those of us who where around in the 80’s and remember these text based adventures.  The achievements are a hoot too.  Anyway, here are your sales titles for today.  Enjoy.


The Park (Xbox One) Review Posted!

And here is The Park:


Oxenfree (Xbox One) Review Posted!

As I mentioned early last week, I worked on a couple of reviews for my old writing site, Upcomingdiscs.com.  They needed some filler for their “31 Nights of Terror”, so I chipped in.  Well I don’t think 1300-1500 word game reviews are exactly filler, but I do what I can do :).

Here is Oxenfree:



0 Day Attack on Earth, Deadfall Adventures, Girl Fight, Mutant Storm Reloaded, and Yosumin! Live added to Backwards Compatibility!!!!!

Well this is certainly unexpected, five 360 games added to backwards compatibility.  I thought this week would be dominated by the original Xbox announcements.  But no, this is good.  Deadfall is no surprise as just a few minutes I announced it is going Games with Gold next month.  So needless to say, just wait a while.  If you do have the disc or bought a digital copy, well bonus you get to play with it for an extra three weeks.  Outside of that, the rest of these are kinda mediocre.  Girl Fight sounds like a game you probably shouldn’t be caught dead playing if you are over the age of 21 (even if it looks like some easy gamerscore).  Yosumin! Live might be somewhat interesting in its puzzle mechanic, but might be best left alone.  But hey, you got 13 Xbox Original games this week, stop your yapping and go play those :).  Enjoy.

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Games with Gold for Month of November 2017

I will be honest, I did not expect a Games with Gold announcement today, but it makes sense. I really don’t know much about Trackmania Turbo outside of that is feeding GWG’s ongoing obsession with racing games.  Seriously, if you are a racing fan, there is no point buying anything, just wait until GWG is announced and plan accordingly.  Tales of the Borderlands would be a fantastic choice if I didn’t complete it a while back.  The 360 choices are much more interesting as I’ve almost bought Deadfall Adventures several times.  It does have a few broken achievements, but free is free.  And it was not BC before this announcement, so there is that as well.  Nights into Dreams I played on the Sega Saturn and it was thoroughly enjoyable then.  Then being the operative word.  Regardless, I will certainly download the two 360 ones.  So I would assume we will have a BC notice for Deadfall very soon.  Enjoy.

Xbox One

  • Trackmania Turbo (November 1st-30th)
  • Tales of the Borderlands (November 16th – December 15th)

Xbox 360

  • Nights into Dreams (November 1st-15th)
  • Deadfall Adventures (November 16th-30th)

Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Starts Today!

I mentioned this yesterday, but today is the first official day of backwards compatibility for the original Xbox on the Xbox One.  Thirteen titles lead off the list, I am happy to say I do own 3 of them (Bloodrayne 2, Ninja Gaiden Black, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic).  I thought I also owned Sid Meier’s Pirates but I was mistaken.  I probably just looked at it twenty times in an used game store and decided against it.  It will be interesting to see what else gets added but this is a fine start (though I would certainly like to see Morrowind and Indigo Prophecy at some point).  Enjoy.