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Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Starts Today!

I mentioned this yesterday, but today is the first official day of backwards compatibility for the original Xbox on the Xbox One.  Thirteen titles lead off the list, I am happy to say I do own 3 of them (Bloodrayne 2, Ninja Gaiden Black, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic).  I thought I also owned Sid Meier’s Pirates but I was mistaken.  I probably just looked at it twenty times in an used game store and decided against it.  It will be interesting to see what else gets added but this is a fine start (though I would certainly like to see Morrowind and Indigo Prophecy at some point).  Enjoy.


Any Day Now, Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility is a coming.

Good morning, I know I don’t usually post on Monday but this seemed worthy a post.  I ran across this article this morning.  I also double checked it by and gosh darn it, they were there.  Now I don’t know if I can play them just yet (I’ll wait for official verification on that one)…but I’d say this is as close to definite as you can get.  And $10 a head isn’t bad either (except for Red Faction II).    Can you get some of these games for $5 on disc?  Some perhaps, not Star Wars KOTOR or Sid Meier’s Pirates though.  Furthermore, finding a decent playable copy might be difficult too.  I mean, I know I have some but others that I might be interested in(like Dead to Rights), I really don’t want to bother with the shelf space.  The list of titles are below with links to their buy page.  This isn’t official yet, but we can count it as 98.7% if you catch my drift.  Enjoy.

EDIT: It would appear that I didn’t jump the gun at all, check out this Twitter post from Major himself.  I’ll work this afternoon on finding a way to integrate them into our spreadsheets (where they stand out) in preparation for tomorrow.

Fusion Frenzy will be part of the lineup for OG Xbox BC.

We already had Crimson Skies, we knew that was coming, but now we have another title in Fusion Frenzy,  a 2001 Party game that had an assortment of mini-games akin to Mario Party and like games.  And they have confirmed that no new achievements will be added to these games either, no surprise.  I am excited by the possibility of OG Xbox backwards compatibility..but the first two games (which will be coming in the fall it looks like) do nothing for me.  Feel free to read more information at this link. 

Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Coming to Xbox One!!

Sorry for not capturing this sooner, but alas some weekends with a 2 year old are rougher than others.  I’m surprised I’m not on my 3rd cup of coffee to be brutally honest.  Anyway, this article comes thanks to E3 and first covered by I will point out it is actually 386 games that are BC at the moment but if you follow my page, you would already know that.  Anyway, I do like this announcement but I’m not as excited as I thought I would be. Mainly because it will likely include no new achievements and more than likely mirror the old backwards compatible list that 360 had with the Original XBOX.  I’ll attach it here if you would like to peruse that and Crimson Skies was a part of that.

Wikipedia – List of Xbox Games compatible with Xbox 360

Anyway, I’ll have to think about how I’m going to represent those titles in my spreadsheet/table for this site.  I want to avoid using another column but at the same time, I need a proper way to note it for filtering and counting.  And I would rather not have another table to worry about.  We’ll wait until we get an official announcement of the first game or two before I figure it out for good.  Enjoy kids.