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The Park (Xbox One) Review Posted!

And here is The Park:

Oxenfree (Xbox One) Review Posted!

As I mentioned early last week, I worked on a couple of reviews for my old writing site,  They needed some filler for their “31 Nights of Terror”, so I chipped in.  Well I don’t think 1300-1500 word game reviews are exactly filler, but I do what I can do :).

Here is Oxenfree: 


Fragments of Him (Xbox One)

Before I got an Xbox One, I probably would have not been even remotely enticed to play a visual novel on any game system.  Heck, I can’t even be bothered to read anything online that’s not a news article or review of some sort.  I prefer physical books when I actually get a few minutes to myself to read.  But with the wealth of titles (and not just ones from Telltale) on the Xbox One, it was only a matter of time before I tried them.  So, how would I deal when I found a title that went right for the emotional jugular twenty minutes in?  Well we are about to find out with Fragments of Him.

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Dangerous Golf (Xbox One)

A little less than a couple of weeks ago, I won a contest from the ole Major Nelson on his Twitter Feed.  #FreeCodeFriday.  Normally, it’s one or two codes and something that you probably don’t want to play.  Well, it was actually six codes for the Xbox One and all games that are perfect for reviews by yours truly and for this site.  The first one for the mix is Dangerous Golf, a game made by some of the same group that were behind the popular Burnout games.  Like crashing cars?  Then you will love crashing balls.  *blink*, Bad jokes ahead. Read more

New reviews coming to

I am happy to report that I won a #FreeCodeFriday from Major Nelson which means six brand new digital games which I can turn around and produce some quality reviews for this site. Now how long will this take me? Probably about 2 months or one every week and a half.  It’s an exciting time and should help out this site a lot :). Here are the six games:

Dangerous Golf

Fragments of Him

Turn On

Among the Sleep

Anima: Gate of Memories

Hard Reset Redux


Have a good weekend!

Never Alone (Xbox One)

A game with heart is a very special thing.  A game that can move along an engaging story with the ability to change the player’s feelings from the best of times to something perhaps even worth shedding a tear for.  Often times, all of that heart can help to overlook technical issues and things that a game without heart would get scrutinized against.  Today’s review is Never Alone, a game with a maximum dose of heart and storytelling.  But I would be lying if I didn’t mention the faults of such a heartwarming tale.
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Ziggurat (Xbox One)

One of the best things about this generation of Xbox games is that we no longer have to worry about region restrictions with physical discs.  It used to be, especially with the 360, if you had a Japanese or European only game, then here in the states you were out of luck to play these games.  But with the Xbox One, that changed.  As long as you could get your hands on a copy, you could play it (minus any language complications).  I imported my first Xbox One game over the last month, Ziggurat.  It had been released here in the states but only digitally.  So this felt like the right opportunity to get a game with high marks in disc form.  I’m so very glad I made that decision.
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Stranger of Sword City (Xbox One)

A long time ago, close to 30 years I played a game called Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System.  A marvel of its time, its sprawling dungeons, delightful npcs and tough enemies made for a fantastic experience that most RPGs have had a hard time duplicating to this very day.  It’s 2016, and Experience Inc has put out a game called Stranger of Sword City, an English port of a Japanese Xbox 360 RPG game.  From the very first set of screens, it is evident that this game has one foot firmly set in the RPG past but also introducing a few new features to help keep it fresh and new for the future.  Hopefully these feet are all in the right places.

March 22nd, 2016 update – Updated the achievement notes.
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Stranger of Sword City Xbox One Review Coming!

No review obviously yet (that won’t be for at least a week if not two), but I can bring a little special announcement to you folks that we will be doing another review on this site very soon.  The game is called Stranger of Sword City and while I can’t say anything about it too much, you can go find more at their website.  Very excited here at the site to be doing a review like this and I’m hoping (fingers crossed) it will lead to more.

Fortified! (Xbox One)

I have always wanted to bring reviews to all I did reviews on for 8 years), it is just matter of time and effort. I also wanted to do it in the right way. Review the small games, review the games that might be overlooked by traditional game review sites. Not everything is about Fallout 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Sure, there might be a few big ones, but I’m going to try and focus on the smaller titles. The first one on the plate is a tower defense title called Fortified for the Xbox One, a digital game about the 50’s pulp obsession with aliens. Let us step inside and see if we can save society from aliens, robots and foul space creatures.
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