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Into the Night (Blu-Ray) Review

This movie review I posted today for

Shakes the Clown (Blu-Ray) Review

Apparently, I still do movie reviews from time to time :).  This one I did in September, but forgot to link it here.

Saturday Night Fever: Director’s Cut Blu-Ray Review is Now Up!

Yes, I did a movie review after three freaking years.  Hopefully I still got it, check out the link.

Swamp Thing Blu-Ray Review is now UP!


My last entry for yearly “31 Nights of Terror”:

Embrace of the Vampire (1995) Blu-Ray Review is Now Up!


One of my favorite reviews to do, I think it came out quite well.

Idolmaker Blu-Ray Review is Now Up!


On my birthday nevertheless.  Go read 🙂

Killing Season Blu-Ray Review NOW Up :)!


Killing Season Review:

Body Double Blu-Ray Review is Up!


My review of Twilight Time’s Limited Edition (and Sold Out!) Blu-Ray can be found here:

What Maisie Knew Review is Up!


What Maisie Knew Review:

True Blood Season Five on Blu-Ray, Review is Up!

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